Kindle eReader LCD




This Kindle eReader screen replacement for the first generation is a way to keep your Kindle eReader going even if the unthinkable happens and the screen breaks or cracks. As handy as touchscreen technology is it’s all for nothing if the screen digitizer is broken. Scratched screens alone can cause a number of problems and be hard to use.

Replacing a Kindle eReader is a costly endeavor and there’s no need to do it when you can simply replace the damaged digitizer screen instead. Get right back to reading your favorite books and using everything else available on the Kindle Fire.

This Kindle eReader replacement screen is only for use with a 7 inch Kindle Fire first generation. It won’t fit a Kindle eReader. It is also only a touch digitizer. It’s not an LCD display. This brings the power of touch back to your Kindle Fire. No more, no less.


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